Teaching and Learning

The Office of Teaching and Learning is dedicated to offering the most effective, research-based learning opportunities for both students and staff.
Curriculum Staff Development

The Office of Teaching and Learning is responsible for overseeing and supporting the K-12 curriculum that is implemented in every content area and in every grade level.  Each content area is reviewed during a designated time period within the established Curriculum Review Cycle.  Teams of dedicated teacher leaders work together to complete a formal review of each content area.  This work involves studying trends and issues in the content area, identifying best-practice instructional strategies, conducting a needs assessment for our district, creating the curriculum frameworks that indentify the content addressed at each grade level, developing formative and summative assessments that address expected outcomes, and identifying resources/materials that best support teaching the skills students are expected to learn.

On this website, you will find the following information related to curriculum:

  • Curriculum Review Process
  • Curriculum Review Cycle Schedule
  • English Learner Services
  • K-5 Response to Intervention (RtI)
  • K-12 Curriculum Frameworks  
  • Education Links
  • MCA Information
  • Elementary Companeros Program
  • District Curriculum Committees

The Office of Teaching and Learning is also responsible for providing quality staff development for all staff throughout the district.  For the past several years, this has involved implementing and supporting the Professional Learning Community (PLC) model for staff development for all district staff.  Research shows that the concepts of this model provide the highest-quality form of staff development, affording staff research-based methods for improving the learning of both students and staff.

On this website you will find the following information related to staff development:

Professional Learning Communities:

  • Videos of Northfield PLC Teams in Action
  • PLC Information
  • PLC Team Process
  • PLC Communication From The District
  • PLC Team Reports from Building Newsletters
  • Informational PLC Articles from Building Newsletters
  • Staff Resources For PLCs

General Staff Development Information:

  • Staff Development Schedule 
  • Teacher Resource Lending Library
  • Workshop Opportunities
  • District Staff Development Committees


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