Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014

Rip Roarin' Reads

All eyes are on the Media Center in Schoology...

Join the Media Center course found in Schoology to keep on top of information, tricks and tips, and all things cool! Valuable information will be available in this course regarding:

  • ebooks
  • Technology updates
  • Media Center activities
  • Book discussion groups
  • Suggestions and comments regarding book selection, in-services, and programming.
  • School videos
  • iPad info
  • Anything and everything!

To join the course simply click on Courses, then click the plus button, and enter the following code: TWK3M-3KR7W

Click the link below to search for books or to check your account:

Destiny On-Line Catalog

To check your record/account, log-in and click My Info, using:

Username: 4 digit lunch number

Password: 4 digit lunch number

Accessing Ebooks from your iPad

To access and check out ebooks from the Media Center:
-open the Media Center app from your iPad
-click on Online Catalog
-select Middle School
-select FollettShelf (from menu bar on left)
-both the username and the password are your lunch number. If lunch number is 3 digits, put a zero in front)
-tap Search to see the selections.

To Access ebooks from your Kindle app:
-Go to the Amazon website from your browser
-Create an Amazon account
-Stay in Amazon and browse the Kindle store
-Go to Free Collections under the More to Explore link on the left side, if you want free books
-Open up your Kindle app to read your new download

To Access ebooks from your Nook app:
-Go to Barnes and Noble website from your browser
-Create a Barnes and Noble account
-Stay in Barnes and Noble and browse the Nook store
-In the search box type free nook books to get a list of free books to download
-Open up your Nook app to read your new download

To Access ebooks from the Northfield Public Library:
-Open the Overdrive app on your iPad
-Choose a library by typing in your zip code
-Select Northfield
 -Select Downloadable Books
-Borrow a book
-Enter your library card number