Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Rip Roarin' Reads

Click the link below to search for books or to check your account:

Destiny On-Line Catalog

To check your record/account, log-in and click My Info, using:

Username: 4 digit lunch number

Password: 4 digit lunch number

Accessing Ebooks from your iPad

To access and check out ebooks from the Media Center:
-open the Media Center app from your iPad
-click on Online Catalog
-select Middle School
-select FollettShelf (from menu bar on left)
-both the username and the password are your lunch number. If lunch number is 3 digits, put a zero in front)
-tap Search to see the selections.

To Access ebooks from your Kindle app:
-Go to the Amazon website from your browser
-Create an Amazon account
-Stay in Amazon and browse the Kindle store
-Go to Free Collections under the More to Explore link on the left side, if you want free books
-Open up your Kindle app to read your new download

To Access ebooks from your Nook app:
-Go to Barnes and Noble website from your browser
-Create a Barnes and Noble account
-Stay in Barnes and Noble and browse the Nook store
-In the search box type free nook books to get a list of free books to download
-Open up your Nook app to read your new download

To Access ebooks from the Northfield Public Library:
-Open the Overdrive app on your iPad
-Choose a library by typing in your zip code
-Select Northfield
 -Select Downloadable Books
-Borrow a book
-Enter your library card number