Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Mr. Meyers' Math Classes


Northfield Middle School - Room 159


2014-2015 Schedule

Period 1 - Pre-Algebra

Period 2 - Math Accel 6th Grade

Period 3 - MTSS Math support

Period 4 - Lunchroom Supervision

Period 5 - Algebra

Period 6 - Algebra


Schoology Access Codes

Period 1 - Pre-Algebra  JKP9V-FXBP9

Period 2 - Math Accel Maroon T5WRK-S9DGG

Period 2 - Math Accel Gold  5QW3F-BGVND

Period 5 - Algebra    V8RDC-SHGRX

Period 6 - Algebra    KCRGW-NDWQC

7 Keys to helping your child be successful in math


1. Be positive

Have a positive attitude toward mathematics and convince your child that they can be successful in math class.  Emphasize the importance of mathematics, linking it to daily life and careers.

2. Have High Expectations 

Communicate high expectations to your child, and encourage them to always do their best.  Ask you child to self-assess their homework quality and study habits.

3. Set aside a specific time and place to do homework each evening

Make sure this place is free from distractions and has all the resources needed. Make clear that this block of time is to be free of video games, computers, TV, and cell phones. If they have no homework, this time should be used for studying or reading.

4.  Get online

Most teachers regularly post assignments on their website. Use the online resources that are available with our math textbooks. Contact the school to get access to your child's online gradebook, so you can regularly monitor their progress. 

5.  Encourage independence

Yes, you are a resource that your child can use for help with homework, studying, and organization: but you should not do the work for them. Knowing when to back off will help them build their own resourcefulness and confidence. Have your child self-advocate when they need extra help from a teacher.

6. Examine your child's work

Take a look at their homework when it is completed to check it for quality and understanding.  Ask them to bring home corrected tests and quizzes so you can see the results. 

7.  Take advantage of human math resources

You may relatives or neighbors with an expertise in math that would be willing to help out. Have your child invite a study buddy over to work on homework together.  

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