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Mrs. Dokken's  2013-14 Schedule
Period Time Class
1 7:57-8:54 Math 7
2 8:58-9:48Prep
3 9:52-10:42 Pre-Algebra 6
4 10:46-12:07 Math 7
5 12:10-1:03 Study Hall
6 1:07-1:57 Math 7
7 2:01-2:51 Math 7

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7th Grade Mathematics

Mrs. Dokken 


Be respectful of others.  

Be responsible for your learning.

Act in a way that helps create a positive and safe classroom.

Try your hardest.


Course Information

Math 7

The goal of this course is to develop a deep understanding of the Minnesota 7th grade Math Standards.  

Textbook: Holt Middle School Mathematics Course 2  



In this advanced course we will cover the Minnesota 7th grade Math Standards and also explore other algebra concepts.  

Textbook:  Holt Middle School Mathematics Pre-Algebra

Advanced Courses

Pre-Algebra is an advanced course for 7th grade. In order to stay in an advanced course, students must maintain a letter grade of B- or higher each quarter. Additional learning requirements are needed to qualify for 8th grade advanced courses.


Students will need a textbook, pencil, calculator, math specific notebook, and a binder or folder.


Classroom Website - My page on the NMS school website has information on assignments, classroom policies, and useful links.

Holt Online Textbook - Holt provides a copy of our textbooks online along with additional video and interactive resources. See my website for instructions.

Extra Help
-Before school starting at 7:20 no appointment needed.

-After school by appointment.

-During Flex study hall 4th hour.-

-If the above times do not work, your child can come get help during 6th hour.




We will complete a portfolio that will be available at conferences.

Citizenship Self-Evaluation (completed in October)

Study Skills Self-Evaluation (will be completed in February)

Learning Scorecard - (will be worked on throughout the school year)

All summative assessments (completed throughout the year)


Grades will be based on mastery of grade level and course specific math standards.


Summative Assessments

70% of report card grade

This type of assignment is the “sum” or measure of what your child has learned at the end of a unit. A grade will be assigned to the work and goes into the gradebook following several opportunities of practice the skill.  

Examples of Summative Assessments may include:

Unit Tests, Presentations, Projects or Retakes

Students must meet with me to develop a remediation plan and complete additional learning activities before retaking an assessment. The most recent score will be used in the gradebook.

Formative Assessments and Daily Assignments

30% of report card grade

This type of assignment is for practicing the concepts learned in class. They provide feedback on learning progress to the student and teacher. Getting problems wrong on formative assessments will not affect the report card grade.  Students will only be graded on the quality of their work on formative assessments.  For students with continued poor effort on assignments, teachers will arrange a meeting with the student and parents to develop an improvement plan. 

Examples of formative assessments:

Classwork - Individual and group tasks completed in class.

Homework - Homework will be assigned almost every day and is due the next day.  Homework assignments will be graded on the quality of the work shown and their timely completion. The student will record their assignments in their math notebook. Each assignment is also posted on my website.

Check-ups and quizzes - Mid-Unit assessents to measure progress and provide feedback.

Practice Tests - At least two days before a Unit Test, students will take a practice test. This gives them the opportunity to recieve feedback on their understanding of the concepts from the unit and prepare for the Unit Test.


Homework Scoring

5 points - This is my best work! My assignment is complete and on-time.  I showed my work in an organized way. My assignment is corrected and I learned from the problems I got wrong.  


4 points - This is almost my best work. There are just a few things missing. My assignment is corrected and I learned from the problems I got wrong.  

3 points  -  The assignment is mostly done, but I’m missing some important things.

Missing (0 points) - The assignment is less than half done. I need to finish this assignment.


Late assignments: The most amount of points you can get is a 4 and the assignment must be completed.

Grading Scale

100-90% A

80-89 % B

70-79 % C

60-69 % D

59% or less F

Teachers will do +/- at their discretion.

Grade 7 Core Teacher Common Expectations

-Locker Passes

Each student will receive 12 locker passes on a sheet of paper each quarter. The locker passes will be stapled to their planner pass sheet. Students may request to use a locker pass to go their locker, but teachers reserve the right to deny the request. In addition, teachers may send a student go to their locker to obtain an assignment or other work.

-Bathroom Passes

Students may use their planner pass sheet to use the bathroom or other needed destinations.

-Be on time for class

Students who arrive late for class will be recorded as tardy. Individual teachers may assign detention for students who are frequently tardy.

-Attendance policy

Students who are absent are expected to notify each teacher that they have been absent, record what they missed on a make-up slip or planner and obtain the needed work. Make-up work can be completed during guided study period, at home or as arranged with teacher. For every one day a student is absent, they have one day plus one to make-up the missing work. Students who know they will be absent ahead of time should also notify the teacher and obtain any advance make-up work that might be available so that the student can work to keep up with the class activities while absent.