Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Welcome to Mr. Taggart's Homepage

This is the start of my 9th year teaching and first year at Northfield Middle School. I spent the last 3 years teaching various Tech. Ed. courses at Northfield High School. I'm really looking forward to this year. I think we are going to have a lot of fun. The two courses we offer here at NMS are, Automation and Robotics and Design and Modeling.

We offer a high bred of the old Industrial Technology, "shop class", and new age Pre-engineering curriculum. Students spend part of the year going through Project Lead the Way's curriculum and part of the year making some traditional Industrial Technology Projects.

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Phone: 507.663.0650 ext. 15765

 Daily Schedule for 2013-2014

1st Hour (7:57-8:54): NHS Travel Time

2nd Hour (8:58-9:48): Automation and Robotics

3rd Hour (9:52-10:42): Design and Modeling

4th Hour (10:46-11:39): Design and Modeling

5th Hour (12:10-12:35): lunch supervision

6th Hour (1:07-1:57): Automation and Robotics

7th Hour (2:01-2:51): Prep

What is Project Lead the Way?

Project Lead the Way, or PLTW, is a national pre-engineering curriculum for Middle and High School students. The curriculum is designed for students to see the practical applications through projects of the math and science they have learning about since kindergarten. They also want to raise the awareness and excitement of engineering as a career option.

Students may continue to take PLTW courses at the High School level. I have listed the courses below that are offered at Northfield High School. Students taking and passing these courses are elidgible for 3 transcripted college credits. Please contact myself or Mark Woitalla if you have any other questions about PLTW and COLLEGE CREDIT.

Check out our new Project Lead the Way courses offered at Northfield High School!

Introduction to Engineering Design (1 credit Art)

Principles of Engineering

Digital Electronics

Civil Engineering and Architecture

Please contact me to find out how you can get COLLEGE CREDIT for taking these courses.

Are you interested in building a ROBOT! Join the High School FIRST Robotics Team. You can find out website in the activities section of the High School webpage! To find out more information about FIRST, visit their website,

Northfield Robotics Webpage!