Friday, January 20th, 2017

Mrs. Norrie's Hour 7 Art I - Foundation class worked on this whimsical class mural inspired by Fernand Leger's 1950 painting "The Builders."  Each student in the class was given a tiny piece of a famous mystery painting.  The students worked independently of each other to capture every detail found within their small image.  After one day of sketching a contour line drawing, students used charcoal, conte' crayon and graphite to complete piece by shading with accurate values. Once the shading was complete, students spray fixed and signed their pieces.   The moment had finally come.  All of the students gathered around a large grouping of desks and looking carefully at their pieces and the number/letter code that was found on the backs of the images.  One by one, the pieces were fit together to form the large class mural.   Once all of the pieces were in their correct place, students worked as a group to tape the drawings together.   The murals were displayed in the student art gallery in the Northfield High School Visual Art Department for all other students to enjoy.

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