Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

As an incentive to get homework finished on time and maintain good behavior, the students will have Choice Activity Time every Friday.  It will be 30 minutes long.  If the students have finished all of their homework and class assignments for the week and have followed school and classroom guidelines and procedures, they will get to choose to either go outside for games or stay inside for games, reading, or computer time.  If they have unfinished assignments, late homework, or have made poor choices with regards to behavior during the week, they will stay in the classroom to finish work or reflect on their decisions.

We will be sending a yellow calendar home with your child every Friday detailing the specifics of your child's weekly homework completion and behavior.  Please look the calendar over, sign it, and send it back to school the following Monday.  If the calendar isn't signed and returned on Monday, it will count as late homework for that week.

Students who make poor behavioral choices or don't complete their homework on time = NO CHOICE ACTIVITY TIME!



Choice Activity Time for Larson, Elizabeth is currently under construction. Please come back later.