Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Día de Los Muertos: 

Deadline: TBA 2013

Attend a Día de los Muertos celebration/gathering (ideas listed below).  Take photos, notes, talk to people, observe, ect. Choose from the following:

1.  Take photos and give a presentation in Spanish / English through the photos about what you saw and how it is connected to Día De Los Muertos.  The more detail the more points! There will be more points given for efforts in Spanish  (10-25 points)

2.  Make a Poster of your experience.  Include explainations about what is seen in the photos, where you were @, why it is connected to Día de Los Muertos.  Include photos and text.  English or Spanish.  about your experience.  Include how / what you experienced is connected to Día de Los Muertos.  There will be more points rewarded for efforts in Spanish.  (10-25 points)

3.  Write a paper about what you experienced include how what you experienced is connected to Día de los Muertos.  Details are important!  English or Spanish.  Efforts in Spanish will be rewarded. (10-25 points) 

Here are the websites for different Día de los Muertos Celebrations:

TBA 2013

El Tequila Restaurant Northfield, MN.

*(or another restaurante where the servers speak spanish.  Some ideas have been: El Triumfo on Hwy 3 in Nfld, Gran Plaza Downtown Fairbault, and Teresa in Lakeville)

1.  Print out this sheet, or copy it down onto note cards, or Send it via Schoology/Email.

2.  Go out to eat at El Tequila! Practice your Spanish and "show off" for your parents/friends.  Complete the following check list for points and have fun!  If you can record (video) it somehow so the class can watch it, extra, extra credit will be given!

Please have the server-if not too busy, or your guardian, initial after each completed item (you must complete all of the 11 suggested). 

1.  Inform your server that you are studying Spanish at school, that you have an assignment to speak spanish at El Tequila tonight, and to please speak in Spanish slowly::______(iniciales)

"Hola me llamo: ________, yo estudio español en el colegio y mi tarea esta noche es hablar en español. ¿Usted Puede hablar conmigo en español y muy despacio por favor?"  ---Muchas Gracias

2.  Ask the server's name and introduce everyone a the table: : ______(iniciales) 

"Hola.  ¿Cómo se llama usted?  .........-mucho gusto (nice to meet you)"

"Este es mi padre, se llama, Robert."

"Esta es mi madre, se llama, Patricia." 

3.  Ask what ingredients are in a dish you aren't familiar with:   ______(iniciales)

" ¿Qué ingredientes tiene el plato: ___________?

Bien, bien, Muchas Gracias"

4.  Ask what comes w/ a dish, even if you already know: ______(iniciales)

" ¿Qué trae el plato: ___________?"

" Bien, bien, Muchas Gracias"

5.  Order beverages in Spanish for everyone: ______ (iniciales)

"Me gustaría pedir las bebidas ahora, ¿está bien? (I would like to order drinks now, is it ok?)

"Para tomar/beber yo quiero/ mi papá quiere:..."

-"Muchas Gracias"

6.  Ask what the server recommends to eat!______ (iniciales)
"Por favor Señor, ¿Qué me recomienda Usted para comer?."


¿Cuál (which) es su plato (plate of food) favorito? 

-"Muchas Gracias"


7.  Order food in Spanish for everyone: ________(iniciales)

"Me gustaría pedir la comida ahora, ¿está bien?(I would like to order food now, is it ok?)

"Para comer, yo quiero/ mi hermana quiere:..."

-"Muchas Gracias"

8.  Tell them the food is delicious!_____(iniciales)

" Señor/Señora/Señorita, la comida es muy RICA, gracias"

*riquísima-- if it's really good!!

9.  Ask for more of something!______ (iniciales)

"Perdon señor/señora/señorita, puedo taner más: -salsa picante, --salsa que no es picante, -crema (sour cream), -servilletas (napkins), -refresco (pop),- jalapeños, -tortillas, -totopes (chips), -frijoles pintos (pinto beans), -frijoles negros, -tenedores (forks)..."

-"Muchas Gracias"

10.  Ask for the check!______ (iniciales)

"Señor, la cuenta (the check) por favor."

-"Muchas Gracias"


11.  Thank the server and give them a complement, and give them a high 5!______ (iniciales)

1.  -"Muchas Gracias por todo"

2.  ejemplos de cosas positivas que le puedes decir al mesero:

-"Tú eres el mejor mesero/a en el mundo (the world)"

-"El servicio es increíble aquí, mi familia va a volver pronto"


3.  -"Dame cinco (give me 5!)"


Now Turn In Your Sheets w/ Signatures To Profesora Martens.  Write a 1-2 sentence reaction about your experience in Spanish!


 Profe ;)



Latino Film Fest Nov. (TBA 2013)

See a film from Central and South America, the U.S., Spain.  There are documentary, feature films and several are presented by international filmmakers. 

St. Anthony Main Movie Theater

115 SE Main St. Minneapolis,MN.


Deadline: TBA 2013.

 1.  Attend a Latino Film and give a presentation or write a paper about what you saw, your insights into any history or any important themes.  What you liked, what was confusing ect. 

*In English or Spanish.  There will be more points awarded for efforts in Spanish.

Church (la misa)

Attend a bilingual Church service.  Here in Northfield or anywhere.  Deadline: Anytime.

1.  Attend a bilingual church service. 

2.  Bring a note pad / your Ipad and write down all words you recognize in spanish, if they are repeats just tally mark them. 

3.  Talk to the pastor afterwards in English or Spanish and ask him/her how they learned Spanish and about their experience in a Spanish speaking country. 

" ¿Cómo aprendiste hablar español? 

" ¿Qué países hispanohablantes conoces y qué hacías allá?

4. Take notes about your religious service if you have any, what is the same, different?  What are the people there like?- Do you hear them speaking spanish? -If so what?  What do you like/dislike if anything? 

5.  Talk to someone in Spanish that you don't know.  You can just greet them, or speak a lot to them about anything. Ideas:


-¿Cómo se llama usted?........-mucho gusto

-¿ Mi nombre es: __________".......ect.

Give a presentation or write a paper about your experience.  Were you surprised at how many words you knew, could you tell what was happening?  What did you notice?  Include what you liked, what was confusing ect. 

*In English or Spanish.  There will be more points awarded for efforts in Spanish.