Saturday, January 21st, 2017

Monday, February 4th: Complete Europe map work and study

Tuesday, February 5th:  Review for tomorrow's quiz; "Passport to Europe" DVD about Rome and Monaco

Wednesday, February 6th:  Turn in Europe map packet; Europe quiz

Thursday, February 7th:  Introduction to Urban Geograpahy; Urban Geography Reading 1 and WS 1 due tomorrow 

Friday, February 8th:  Go over WS 1 and discuss; Start Urban Geography Reading 2 and WS 2 and finish in class on Monday

Monday, February 11th:  Go over WS 2 and; Urban Reading 3 and WS 3 due tomorrow

Tuesday, February 12th:  Go over WS 3 and discuss;  Start a DVD about Phoenix and urban planning

Wednesday, February 13th:  Complete Phoenix DVD

Thursday,  February 14th:  Work on 4x6 notecards that the students can fill with notes to help them on tomorrow's Urban Geography Test

Friday, February 15th:  Urban Geography Test

Monday, February 18th:  Go over Urban Geography project options and begin work.  Students may pick from the following choices for an A grade: Urban Design, Business Geography Plan, or Pro Sports Geography (these handouts are needed for the Pro Sports Choice: U.S. Cities Rankings, Nielsen TV Market rankings, Sports Chart, Major League Map).  Students may do an Urban Geography Web Quest for a C grade.

Tuesday, February 19th:  Work on Urban Geography projects

Wednesday, February 20th:  Work on Urban Geography projects

Thursday, February 21st:  Work on Urban Geography projects

Friday, February 22nd:  Work on Urban Geography projects

Monday, February 25th:  Last day to work on Urban Geography Projects

Tuesday, February 26th:  Middle East Intro Lesson; Begin work on Middle East map packet

Wednesday, February 27th:  Middle East map packet work

Thursday, February 28th:  Lesson about Cartograms; Begin work on Middle East Population Cartogram

Friday, March 1st:  Complete Middle East Cartogram