Monday, May 4th, 2015

Art II is the second prerequisite for taking all other art courses at the High School.

Art II Syllabus


Art II Exploration is designed to allow you to explore a variety of mediums and approaches in art making and creative problem solving.  Some emphasis will be placed on the career aspect of art.  This course, which is built upon its prerequisite course, Art I Foundation, provides you with a broad scope into the language of the visual arts.  You will be encouraged to approach art intelligently and thoughtfully, and to communicate with your peers by describing, analyzing, interpreting and judging works of art through critique. After successfully completing this class you will be able to take any of the many classes offered in the art department including Clay, Watercolor, Photo, Digital  Video, Drawing and Painting and Design and Illustration




The Principals of art:  Students will learn about the principals of art by making a small art book.


Evolution!: Students will create Hybrid animals in a carefully composed landscape that will demonstrate their new command of the principals of art.


The Other Me:  Students will draw a self portrait in pencil using careful shading and contrasting techniques to create a deeper psychological view of themselves.


Linoleum Block Prints:  Printmaking techniques will be explored.


Pottery:  Students will construct a slab pot and carve a relief design on one side for a decorative effect. 


Water Color:  Students will learn the basic techniques of painting in this challenging medium.

Perspective:  We will have a brief refresher course in 1 and 2 pt. Perspective.


*It is important that you plan to attend regularly.  The assignments are designed so that each unit is built on the preceding one.  Missing the class frequently will hurt your ability to follow the units and will severely affect your grade.

*All units must be completed and handed in on the date specified in order to receive credit.

*You will also have written quizzes and tests to evaluate your understanding on certain key ideas and principles.


*You will be called on to participate in class discussions and in student evaluations of your work.

GRADING: At the beginning of each assignment, you will be given a list of specific goals and objectives that you are to achieve in a particular assignment.  Your grade will be determined by how well you fulfill those goals and on:

giving proof that you grasped the main idea of the assignment,

your craftsmanship or how carefully and neatly your work is done,

how far you go beyond a mediocre solution to the problem,

the presentation of your work,

the promptness with which you complete your work,

and your effort, growth, and improvement in all of these areas.









Provided by the Student... 

- any special brushes, pencils, or pens that you might want to use

Provided by the Department... 

- an eraser (to keep)

- a 4B art pencil (to keep)

- all other materials required for class



NOTE:  There is a $15.00 fee to cover incidental supply costs.  Make checks payable to "Northfield High School."  This is due no later than two weeks after the start of class.  Art erasers and pencils will not be distributed to students until their fees are paid. 




Art II