School-Wide Behavior Plan


Our behavior plan at Sibley is based on the "Above the Line" program developed by Corwin Kronenberg, a nationally recognized expert on behavior management. The goal of this program is to promote a safe and caring environment where all students are taught the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

The following is a brief description of the 4 main components of our school-wide behavior plan.

1) My Job/Your Job: Together, students and teachers establish a mission for their classrooms and determine the responsibilities of students, teachers, and parents/guardians. 2) Work - Respect - Belong: These are the 3 values, or rules, of our school. Students will have the opportunity to more specifically define these rules in their classrooms.   3) Above the Line/Below the Line/Bottom Line: These are labels used to categorize behavior. "Above the Line" refers to appropriate behavior, "Below the Line" refers to inappropriate behavior, and "Bottom Line" refers to serious rule infractions.     4) Fix-It Plans & Consequences: When a student exhibits "Below the Line" behavior, s/he is asked to fix the problem or receive a consequence.

The Fix-It Plan helps the student to identify the inappropriate behavior, assume responsibility for the behavior, and develop a method to repair the damage that was caused. If the student chooses not to fix the problem, a consequence will be generated by the adult in charge using the three guiding principals: The consequence must be related to the behavior, must be delivered respectfully, and must be reasonable. When a student demonstrates a "Bottom Line" behavior, it will require involvement by the principal, parent/guardian, and legal authority if necessary. Students will receive training to understand the various components of our behavior plan and will learn to use the "language" of the program. It is our hope that this plan will foster responsibility, accountability, and respect among all students at Sibley Elementary.