Homework Policy & Procedures


Homework will generally be assigned Monday-Thursday and should take approximately 30-40 minutes each evening.  Homework will typically include reading, completing a math Study Link, studying spelling words, practicing math facts, and possibly working on a content area assignment.  Students will be given notice regarding long-range projects so they can plan accordingly. 


Most assignments are given a score of 5 points.

5=completed and turned in on time, demonstrates understanding of skill

3=turned in one day late or incomplete, still demonstrates understanding of skill

0=turned in more than one day late


We would ask that you help your child set aside a specific time each day after school for doing homework in an environment conducive to studying.  Even in the instance that no homework is assigned, students should read material of their choice, study their spelling words, and practice their math facts during that time.


We expect quality homework that is completed thoroughly and on time.  Students who have unfinished work will forfeit their break time or recess period in order to complete their work.  If however, your child is unable to complete an assignment due to an emergency, please let us know (preferably by writing a note in your child’s daily planner) so we can make accommodations for your child.


Every student will be required to use a daily planner and take-home folder on a daily basis, both at home and at school.  Each day at school, students will record their homework, upcoming due dates, and other pertinent information in their daily planners. Students will also put all necessary homework and handouts in their take-home folders. 

 PLEASE review the daily planner and take-home folder nightly and initial the planner so we know you have seen it.  Feel free to make notes to us in the daily planner as well.  We will check daily planners every morning.  This is a wonderful way to keep communication lines open between school and home.