Friday, January 30th, 2015
Welcome to
Ms. Anne Jarvis'
6th Grade Classroom
Room 130 
Voice mail: 645-3451 (extension 15701)
Ms. Jarvis'  2013-14 Schedule
1 7:57-8:54 Math 6
2 8:58-9:48 Math 6
3 9:52-10:42Prep
4A10:46-11:11Math 6
4C11:42-12:07Math 6
512:10-1:03Math 6
61:07-1:57 Math 6
72:01-2:51Study Hall
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Holt website Information:

username - student8563

password - j7v7e

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Note change for 2nd Quarter: The best score possible on a "2nd Chance Test" will be 85%.

Try to meet the January Challenge by mastering all of the 4th Grade Skills on Khan Academy and passing the Mastery Challenge!