Friday, January 20th, 2017

Welcome to
Mrs. Mikkelson's
6th Grade Classroom
Room 131
Voice mail: 645-3451 (extension 15708)
Mrs. Mikkelson's 2014-15 Schedule
1 7:57-8:54 Reading
2 8:58-9:48 Prep
3 9:52-10:42 Reading
4C 11:42-12:07Reading
6 1:07-1:57 Reading
7 2:01-2:51 Study Hall

Welcome to 6th Grade Reading!

Homework: I keep it simple: students are expected to read at home from appropriate self-selected texts for 20 minutes daily. Other reading activities and projects will be completed during class time, so I can assist with the process.

Independent Reading accounts for 1/2 of the overall reading grade each quarter. The midpoint check for 1st quarter is Wednesday, October 1st. All independent reading for the quarter is due Wednesday, October 29th. (See attachment below for details.)

Students will also respond to what they are reading on a regular basis in their Reader's Notebook.

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