Saturday, January 21st, 2017
Students may have extra credit points added to there present quarter grade if all of the following criteria is met: 1. All of the student's required work has been turned in. 2. The extra credit assignment has been discussed with me prior to doing the extra credit. 3. The extra credit is done well to the best of the student's capabilities.

There are three options for extra credit

1. Science in the news extra credit assignment -
Science is all around us and explains many things we see and do every day. In an attempt to raise my students’ awareness to the concept that science is something that is everywhere in their daily lives, this activity will be extra credit. The assignment will be ongoing throughout the year. Students will be asked to look for articles (from any print source, including printed off the web) each month that pertain to a science topic that we are presently studying. Most months therefore will have a specific topic. There may be case by case exceptions if a student has a particularly strong interest in a certain subject and it is cleared through me BEFORE the extra credit is attempted. Students should have copies of the articles so that they can work on analyzing and summarizing the information. Their summary along with the article will be turned in. This extra credit assignment will be completed entirely outside of class and points will be assigned to that quarter's grade. Summaries must be typed.

2. Extra Credit Investigations - A student choosing this form of extra credit will pick a topic and design an experiment using the scientific method which has been covered in 6th and 7th grade and can be found in the 8th grade textbook. I ask that the experiment have something to do with the topic or topics that we are studying at the time. As an example in the fall quarter will be studying Meteorology and so and experiment about weather or weather prediction would be acceptable. If you need ideas type in “Meteorology Experiments” into most any search engine on the web and you will get many ideas from which to chose. Point values will be assign per experiment, as some experiments are far more detailed and difficult then others. Experiments should be discussed with me prior beginning them to insure that they will be acceptable for extra credit. Experiments should be done at home but may be done in my classroom before or after school. You may refer to pages R28-R35 in the back of the textbook on how to design, run, and write up an experiment properly.

3. Keep a phenology notebook - This option is on going throughout the quarter and is not something that can be done in just a few days. It requires daily observations. For more information please see see me about doing this assignment as extra credit.