Friday, December 15th, 2017

Emergency School Closing Information

The following provides some pertinent information that everyone needs to be aware of regarding any emergency closing of the Northfield Public Schools:

1. In the event that school is closed for the day, a two-hour late start or an early dismissal is warranted, the following radio/television stations will broadcast this information:
KYMN - 1080 AM   KMSP - TV 9  WCCO - TV 4
 KDHL - Power 96  KSTP - TV 5  KARE - TV 11
 WCCO - 830 AM    

You can also access "up-to-the-minute" school closing information on these sites:

2. If a two-hour late start is implemented (school begins two hours later than usual), bus pick-up will be approximately two hours later than the normal time. Click  here  for current updates on the Northfield Public School's website.

3. All elementary school activities will be postponed or cancelled if no school occurs or if school is dismissed early.

4. All Community Education events, classes, and open gym activities are cancelled if no school occurs or if school is dismissed early.  If school begins two hours late, all morning Community Ed class are cancelled.

5. Special Events - Decisions regarding the cancellation of occasional special events held in the evening, such as pernt-teacher conferences, plays, concerts, etc., shall rest with the respective building principals(s) in consultation with the Superintendent and shall be announced over KYMN radio by 3:00 p.m.