Middle School Technology Committee

Minutes of MS Technology Meeting

November 14, 2013

Members present: Amy Allin, Diane Harris, Sandy Fjelde, Matt Hillmann, Mark Langevin, Jeff Pesta, Amy Sieve

Members absent: John Bade, Stephanie Mahal, Chris O’Neill, Laura Ann Talbot-Peterson, Patty Pfeiffer

Digital Learning Event in Farmington: Jeff would like to invite 3 people from the MS Tech committee to join Jan Ensrud and four HS staff members to a day of iPad inservicing at Farmington HS. 


From Mary Hanson: “Join Farmingon educators and students on their learning journey and discover first-hand what makes the iPad a powerful tool for bringing the promise of 21st century learning into reality. Participants will engage in teacher talks, classroom visits, student demonstrations, teacher Q&A, tech support panel,, professional networking and idea sharing."

The event will be held Wednesday, December 4, from 8:30-3:00.  Lunch is provided. Please let Jeff know if you are interested in going.

iPad User Group Update: We had a good turnout for our first session (7-8 staff members) this past Wednesday.  Sandy and Amy will continue to head up these inservices, which will alternate between 7:15 AM and 3:00 PM every Wednesday. The first Wednesday of the month will be open mic in the Media Center, regarding iPad phase one of the iPad Initiative.

January 20 Tech Day: Matt will be sending out a survey to see what kinds of inservicing our staff wants on January 20.  Unlike previous years, this year we have the whole day dedicated to Technology. Matt would also like us to schedule staff practice time into the day, so that everyone will have a chance to try out some of the new things they learned during the day.  Stipends will be given to trainers, as per our NEA contract, and CEU’s will be available for attendees.

Student Password/Logins: No changes will be made this year, but simpler, more uniform student logins and passwords will be assigned for the start of the 2014-15 school year.

TV Studio Update: AlphaVideo has completed installation. Electrical nearly completed.  Broadcasting will resume on Monday, November 18.

Auditorium Purchase Request: The auditorium needs a new VHS/DVD player. Matt Hillmann will take care of this with District dollars.

Other: Mark Langevin brought forward a request from 6th grade teachers that iPads be distributed to 6th grade students at a later date in the school year next year. These, and other possible iPad changes, will be part of an ongoing discussion during the remainder of this year.

Respectfully submitted by Amy Sieve, Tech Committee Chair.




The Middle School Technology Committee shall meet monthly. Agendas and minutes shall be on file. The committee is comprised of volunteers from the Middle School Staff which will include recruits (invited because of background and/or title), and a well rounded representation of grade levels and departments. The mission of the Northfield Middle School Technology Committee is to support staff in the utilization of technologies, act in partnership with district technology committees as a change agent for new technology, monitor the progress of technology implementation, and provide direction and support for all stakeholders. The goals of the Middle School Technology Committee: *To observe and report on the progress of technology use in the middle school *To effectively partner with district technology committees *To identify and act on technology related concerns brought forth by middle school staff *To implement identified changes in technology in the middle school, by providing support, direction, and information dissemination *To provide clarification and assistance to staff members on issues related to technology *To stay informed of trends, issues, and research related to technology and to share this knowledge