Middle School Technology Committee



The Middle School Technology Committee shall meet monthly. Agendas and minutes shall be on file. The committee is comprised of volunteers from the Middle School Staff which will include recruits (invited because of background and/or title), and a well rounded representation of grade levels and departments. The mission of the Northfield Middle School Technology Committee is to support staff in the utilization of technologies, act in partnership with district technology committees as a change agent for new technology, monitor the progress of technology implementation, and provide direction and support for all stakeholders. The goals of the Middle School Technology Committee: *To observe and report on the progress of technology use in the middle school *To effectively partner with district technology committees *To identify and act on technology related concerns brought forth by middle school staff *To implement identified changes in technology in the middle school, by providing support, direction, and information dissemination *To provide clarification and assistance to staff members on issues related to technology *To stay informed of trends, issues, and research related to technology and to share this knowledge