Friday, January 20th, 2017
Test Questions Unit 3:

Describe two similarities and two differences between the Thomson model of the atom and the model described by Rutherford.  How does the shift from Thomson to Rutherford illustrate the theme of "Right and Wrong"?(6 pts)


 Experiments have been important in the development of the modern concept of the atom.  Pick one such experiment and answer the following questions: (8 pts)a. What was the objective of the experiment? b.   How was the experiment conducted (i.e. what was done)?





M: 10/22

Tests back;  Intro Unit 3


“Right and Wrong” reading

Rd. pp. 91-102

(1-4, pg 94; 1-4, pg 102)

Reading Response


W: 10/26

M: 10/31

T: 10/23

Video: “Atoms”

Modern atom

Rd. pp. 103-111

Th: 11/3

W: 10/24

Discuss problems

Organize for presentations




Th-F: 10/25-26

Research and prepare power point presentations








M: 10/29

Research and prepare power point presentations



T-W: 11/1-2




Th: 11/3


Review history

Atomic structure (nuclear symbols)


Worksheet 3-3

F: 11/4

F: 11/4

Discuss worksheet

Nuclear stability (nuclear equations and half-life)

Rd. pp. 112-117 (1-4, pg 119) & Worksheet 3-4

T: 11/8





M: 11/7

The nucleus (nuclear equations and half-life) continued





Atomic models/ critical experiments Illustrated study guide




Th: 11/10

Unit 3 Test



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