Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Welcome to Marketing!

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Piper Jaffray Teen Spending Survey

Job Savvy Notes
Download Now!  Ch. 9 Notes Sheet
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Teamwork homework due at Tuesday, 2/26 test:

1.  Teamwork video:  choose 3 work places; write one paragraph summary of what you notice about each setting.

2.  Teamwork notes, pdf in Job Savvy notes folder. Take notes (no notes sheet this unit)

3.  Handout:  You be the judge and self-analysis (white)

Feb. 25

Study guide.  Tomorrow's test can be done in partners if you choose.

Feb. 26

Teamwork Test

Feb. 27:  Problem Solving Unit

Video:  Problem solving examples in Moto-Cross and ER.  Write a paragraph summary of what you observe

Feb. 28

Notes handout.

Watch 80-20 powerpoint.

Begin Problem Solving powerpoint.  Add any notes to your white handout; watch through "Complete Step 1 Slide."  Complete the green Step 1 handout and turn in.  These problem solving activity worksheets are completed independently.

Feb. 29

Problem solving power point:  read Step 2 slides (no global consumer video).  Complete the pink Step 1 and 2 handout and turn in.

March 4

Problem solving power point:  read Step 3 slides.  Complete purple step 3 handout. Move on to step 4 if you have time (see March 5)

March 5

Problem solving power point: read Step 4 and 5 slides. Complete white step four and salmon trash problem (all steps) handouts. 

March 6-7

Prepare presentation (test)

March 8

Show presentations