Saturday, May 28th, 2016
Art I - Foundation is the first of two prerequisites in the Visual Art Department. Art I provides students with the basic technical tools that they will need to feel confident as artists. Students in Art I spend the majority of the semester learning about the basic Elements of Design including: line, space, color/value, texture/pattern, and shape/form. Students will explore the Elements of Design through a chronological series of drawing and painting assignments designed to build their skills. Students will not only learn to use their hands to create pieces of art but they will also learn to think and speak like artists using a vocabulary that is unique to the world of visual art. Students will engage in numerous group critiques where they will share their thoughts on the work of their peers as well as their own work. Students leave Art I ready to both create works of art as well as speak about existing works of art that they encounter in our society. Below you will find the class syllabus for Art I- Foundation as well as assignment descriptions for the projects that we will be working on during the semester.
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