Fourth Grade School Supplies

Single Subject Notebook, Wide Ruled (4)

Pocket Folders (1-red, 1-yellow, 1-blue, 1 choice that is three hole punched))

3 Ring Binder, 1" with Inside Pockets, no zippers (1)

Large Eraser (1)

Ruler (cm/inches)

Colored Pencils or Crayons (1 box)

Markers (1 pack)

Highlighter (2)

Odorless Dry Erase Markers (6)

Sharpened No. 2 Pencils (48- community use)

Glue Sticks (4- community use)
Pencil Pouch (hole punched)


Calculator, Hand Held

Gym Shoes - Clean

Clean Sock (1)
School Planner ($5.00)*

Scholastic Magazine ($5.50)*
Facial Tissue (1 large box)

Antibacterial Wipes (1 container)

Ziploc Bags

-Gallon- Last names A-H

-Quart – Last names I-Z

White T-shirt for tie dye day in the fall. (Needs to be large enough to fit the whole year.)


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