Saturday, January 21st, 2017

List of Food and Items to bring for our Sections Race at Buck Hill on Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014


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Propane heater, mac & cheese, 24 gatorade
BBQ meatballs, brownies, and case of water.
Fruit and veggies
Trail Mix
Snacks. Chips and Crackers. (New Message)
(New Message)tray of deli style turkey and cheese sandwiches, bars, hot chocolate, cupcakes
Tray of deli style turkey and cheese sandwiches, hot chocolate, bars and cupckaes
Food table and Raider flag
Water, energy bars, baked goods(New Message)
table and another propane heater and some food we haven't thought of yet
tray of sandwiches, paper plates and napkins
Crock pot of cheesy potatoes and something to bribe ski patrol with Smiley
Drinks and a little breakfast something for the bus to the hill. Pasta salad at the hill.
Ski rack, garbage bags, wild rice soup
Carpet piece for tent