Friday, December 15th, 2017
Posted by Nancy Fox on Tuesday, Nov 1st, 2011.
Hello Classroom Families,

Wow, the school year seems to be moving right along so quickly that I noticed I have not blogged since September! The past month and a half has been busy in our classroom. We have our routines and procedures well established and we are actively engaged each day in our academics. Thank you to everyone for attending fall conferences. It was a pleasure to sit down with all of you and talk about your child's success in school.

Another huge thank you to those parents that helped out with our Fall Harvest party, especially Tracy Giza for planning all of the celebration activities and organizing volunteers.

I wanted to inform you that your child brought home a letter today about Study Ladder. Study Ladder is a website that allows your child to complete task activities in a variety of academic areas like math and literacy. It is a free site where your child can complete up to 3 tasks a day before you are asked to subscribe as a member. Your child is assigned one day per week in class to complete three tasks that I have identified for them in the area of literacy. I encourage you to check out the site with your child and see what other academics you can engage in together. The students were very excited about this at home learning opportunity. If you should have any question please let me know.

Enjoy the fall weather and let's hope the snow holds off!

In the spirit of teaching,

Mrs. Fox
Posted by Nancy Fox on Monday, Sep 12th, 2011.
Our first Monday was packed full of academics. We really worked hard today to stick with our daily schedule. I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a few items that your child brought home today.

Math: We are working on geometric shapes in unit one. Your child will have a daily math study link for homework. The front side is to be completed and the back side is a challenge.

Spelling: We started our first list (theme one, week one) today in class. This week's skill focuses on short vowel sounds. The back side is to be completed and turned in on Tuesday. We also added two other spelling sheets into our binder. One sheet is the challenge spelling words for the next two weeks and the other sheet lists the next four weeks of words. Please keep these sheets handy (at home or in the planner) so your child has his/her words available to them each week.

Picture Day is Tuesday!

If you have any questions please feel free to email.

In the Spirit of Teaching,

Mrs. Fox
Posted by Nancy Fox on Tuesday, Sep 6th, 2011.
What a wonderful first day! We had a great day learning some of our routines and procedures, getting to know our classmates, and working together to accomplish several activites. Today we brainstormed ideas for "what is the job of the teacher, the student, and our parents," in relation to being successful in our learning. We started rocket math and set our goals for multiplication. Please take time to review facts at home with your child. Today your child brought home his/her planner. Please take some time to review your child's daily activities and homework listed in the planner. This is a great communication between home and school. Once you have reviewed the planner please sign off at the bottom of each school day. I look forward to another great day with the class.

In the Spirit of teaching,

Mrs. Fox
Posted by Nancy Fox on Thursday, Sep 1st, 2011.
The first day of school is just around the corner and I am so happy to be teaching your son or daughter this school year. Thank you for attending your child's open house this evening. I will be sending out an RSS feed update several times each month. This is a tool for me to keep you informed of what is happening in the classroom. If you would like to get a notice when an RSS feed has been updated please subscribe. I look forward to a great school year with an amazing bunch of kids. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

Mrs. Fox