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Posted by Becki Haar on Friday, May 11th, 2012.

Reflection, Rotation, and Translation online quiz

Icy Slide (rotation, reflection, translation)


Positive and Negative Integers-Ordering Number Balls

Adding Positive and Negative Integers-Line Jumper (choose really hard or super brain)

Best Measure

 Integers (> or <) Fruit Shoot

Fraction of a Given Number

Add Like Mad (practice thinking fast sums)

Posted by Becki Haar on Wednesday, Apr 18th, 2012.
I wanted to share an email I received from Pam Fliegel, the daughter of one of the residents we visit at the Northfield Retirement. It is with her permission that I share this with you.

I am Jed Dommeyer's daughter and I just wanted to email you to thank you so much for visiting my Dad at Parkview with your students. My Dad appreciates every visit that you do and he calls and tells me about them immediately after you and your students have left. I also wanted to thank all of you for the cards, etc. that you gave to my Dad after Mom died. It really meant a lot to him.

I am a teacher also and have had my 10th graders visit the nursing home here in town and the residents absolutely love it when kids get around them. It's so rewarding. I can't begin to explain what it's meant for my Dad.

Again, keep up the great work. It DOESN'T go UNNOTICED!!!
Posted by Becki Haar on Tuesday, Apr 17th, 2012.
We are in the midst of MCA testing. Students completed the math portion of the MCA last week . This week we will be working on the reading section. Students will finish on Thursday morning. Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep on Wednesday.

If your child did not pass the MCA math test, we are working very hard in our flex group time to go back over the strand(s) that may have been more difficult for your son/daughter.

Thank you for your continued support at home as we are in the last stretch of 4th grade. Remind your son/daughter that we will continue to work hard up until June 1.
Posted by Becki Haar on Tuesday, Feb 21st, 2012.

Elements of a Story (choose intro)

Posted by Becki Haar on Thursday, Feb 9th, 2012.
Our 5th grade Earthling Team is sponsoring an Earth Day T-shirt sale!
Students will be encouraged to wear their shirts during our Great Garbage Grab
on Earth Day as well as for their everyday use. The deadline is Wednesday, February 15th
and the cost is $8.
Posted by Becki Haar on Monday, Feb 6th, 2012.

Measuring Angles

Alien Angles

Jeopardy with Angles

Divide Online Practice

Division Practice (show your work on piece of paper)

Snork's Long Division (if you need reminders of the steps -DMSCB) 

Shark Game (rounding)

Half Court Rounding

Drop and Drag Math (division practice with no reminders)

Geometry Review (Find the picture) 



Exponent Tic-Tac-Toe

Coordinate Gride Game-Find the Alien (4 quadrant-harder)

Posted by Becki Haar on Tuesday, Jan 31st, 2012.
Posted by Becki Haar on Monday, Jan 30th, 2012.
Posted by Becki Haar on Tuesday, Jan 17th, 2012.

measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch

Ricky Spears 1/4 " (choose quarter of an inch)

Measure to the nearest  0.5 cm

Funbrain rounding (to the nearest whole number)

rounding flashcard

Rounding hangman

Hoop Shot (adding and subtracting decimals)
Estimating distances


Alien Math Exponents

Exponents game (need calculator)

Posted by Becki Haar on Thursday, Jan 5th, 2012.

When I taught at Bridgewater the first year it was open, my students wanted to know what would happen if they were able to learn the correct location of all 50 states. I decided that I would do a cartwheet for each student who received 100% on the test. Thirteen years later, the offer still stands. Although I can only do about six or seven cartwheels in a row without passing out from dizziness, I completed 16 last year. To make it a bit easier for kids and families, we have divided the United States into regions. There will be a 50 state test at the very end. Below you will find some useful links to practice online:








 Capital Practice...



Posted by Becki Haar on Tuesday, Dec 6th, 2011.
The students have been enjoying our new social studies unit about the northeast and southeast regions of the United States. We just completed the northeast region. There were three activities that we completed in small groups to give us a better understanding of this region. Students had to choose a government for the early colony of Plymouth. The second one was a mass production of Hershey Kisses. Yesterday they had a chance to get an idea of what it might be like to climb the 102 floors of the Empire State Building. In January students will begin studying the location of the states by region. Information will come home after our winter break.
Posted by Becki Haar on Monday, Nov 28th, 2011.
We will be having our Holiday Sing with Mrs. Fischer on Tuesday, December 20th beginning at 8:30. Please join us for juice and muffins before the performance at 8:00 a.m. in the classroom Please park on Maple Street so that the parking lot is available to busses dropping off students.

On Wednesday, December 21st we will be visiting the Retirement Center for our third time. We will also have our winter party in the afternoon. We are looking for a parent who would be willing to plan 2-3 activities for each of the classrooms. There are lots of parent volunteers, but we would like one person to the organizer. Please email me if you are interested. The position pays well (with lots of smiles and laughter).

The last day of school will be on Thursday, December 22nd. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. I'm looking forward to my parents arriving back from Arizona.
Posted by Becki Haar on Sunday, Nov 6th, 2011.

Buying Toys (easy coin counting)

Cash Out (choose easy or medium and show change amount)

Fish Tank (click on expert)


Posted by Becki Haar on Sunday, Nov 6th, 2011.

Your child might have told you about a website that I have shared in class called Study Ladder.  It's a great site for your child to practice literacy and math skills, along with science and language.  Your child has a username along with a preassigned password to login for each class.  Below you will find the website:


Posted by Becki Haar on Wednesday, Nov 2nd, 2011.
Our first visit to the Retirement Center was successful. The kids started in the Bluebird wing. We sang two songs and visited for about 15 minutes. As we made our way to the Cardinal wing, we were stopped by a wonderful lady who didn't have the opportunity to hear us sing. Right there in the hallway, we gave her a personal concert. Just a few feet from her sat another resident just inside of her bedroom door with tears in her eyes. After that we made our way to Vi's room. She's near and dear to my heart because I used to teach with her husband at Northfield Middle School. It was his last year of teaching Phy Ed and my first year teaching 6th grade. Since her health is declining, she was unable to go to the meeting area. That didn't stop us. We sang for her, along with her son who was there visiting. Finally we actually made it to the Cardinal wing. After singing and visiting, we decorated the cafeteria glass wall with pumpkins we had made. The kids enjoyed a snack in the chapel before boarding the bus back to Sibley. We will be going again on Friday, November 18th.
Posted by Becki Haar on Thursday, Oct 27th, 2011.
Our field trip was terrific! The sun came out to dry up most of the ground and provide warmth for our morning at Central Park in Hopkins. After enjoying 45 minutes at the park having lunch and playing, we headed to Stages Theater to watch Bridge to Terabithia. The theater was quite small and gave us a close up and intimate viewing of the production. In fact, we were the only school there and filled most of the 120 seats.

The students were well behaved and enjoyed themselves. Thanks to the parents who took time out of their day to join us. I appreciate each one of you.

Tomorrow will be our first visit to the Retirement Center. I will email photos sometime this weekend. If you have not received emails from me yet this year, please send me a email so that I may correct your email address or add you to my list. I love going to visit the residents, and I believe your kids will say the same thing.
Posted by Becki Haar on Friday, Oct 21st, 2011.
1. Thursday will be our first field trip. We will be going to watch Bridge to Terabithia at Stages Theater. Please remember to send a lunch with your child if you did not sign up for a school sack lunch. Remind your child to wear his/her jacket as we will be eating lunch outside at a park prior to the performance. The forecast is for sun and a high of 46.

2. On Friday our class will be going to the Retirement Center for the first time this year. We will board a bus at 9:40 and arrive at the Retirement Center just before 10:00. I didn't bring home the names of the parents who wanted to join our class, but I wanted to provide information if you are interested. There is room on the bus if you would like to join us or if you prefer, you may meet us there. If you would like to meet us there, we will take off our jackets in the chapel and proceed to the Bluebird wing. My plan is to leave the Retirement Center around 11:15 a.m.

3. The fall party will take place on Friday afternoon from 1:30-2:45. Your child may bring his/her costume to school to put on at the start of the party.
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