Clay - Hand Building and Sculpture Class Information

This class is an exploration and overview of hand building techniques from around the world such as pinch, coil and slab as well as how to sculpt a head. We also learn electric kiln and raku firing techniques and the glaze effects that it creates. Each year this class makes the large tiles that fill the outside hallway with a growing colorful and textured mural.



Respect each other's work as well as each other.  In clay class this means that anyone who purposely or jokingly harms another's work will be removed from the classroom for the duration of the project and will be assigned a term paper to write and will be assigned detentions..

No throwing clay.  Offending students will be removed from the classroom for the duration of the project, assigned a term paper to write and will be assigned detentions.
Respect the materials.  Do not accidentally throw away any tools.  Treat them with care as they can break easily.  Wash and put them back where you got them.

Put your name on the bottom everything that you make.  Your initials will not be enough.  One name and one initial is fine.  I will not even consider putting a piece in the kiln to be fired unless it has your name on it.

Clean-up.  Everyone is expected to help clean up the classroom.  Because ceramics is a particularly messy class extra attention will be paid to clean up.
  1.  Tables must be washed and wiped with provided flannel sheets.  Non-clay classes use these tables, too.  Tools on the tables must be rinsed and returned to the proper containers.  Floors must be free of clay chunks of any size.
  2.  Potters wheels must be wiped up and buckets and tools rinsed by the person who used it.
  3.  Any chunks of clay that are dried out must be recycled in the dried clay can.  Do not throw away clay!  It can always be recycled.
  4.  Any extra soft clay needs to be returned to the clay bag for later use.  CLOSE THE BAG SO IT DOES NOT DRY OUT!
  5.  Always return your work to your cubbyholes.  Be sure your project is properly wrapped with plastic. 
  6.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CHUNKS OF CLAY IN THE SINK.  This can cause the drain to clog.
7.Students will be assigned to wipe the sink, wipe the counters, sweep the floor, straighten up the worktable in the back and be sure all is in order.  This assignment is weekly.
8.At the quarter and the end of semester we will do a big time clean-up of the entire area.
9.Please keep your valuable rings in your pocket and not your desk.  Rings get lost all the time.  Be careful!
10.NO PHONES at any time in class.

  1.  Lab fee is $30.00 for clay, glazes and firing.
  2.Have a notebook in your cubby for taking notes.
  3.Great attitude is essential.

What to expect:
  1.  Come to class ready to work.  Don't wait for me to tell you to get to work.  The class is too short already.
  2.  Throughout the semester we will be working on the potter's wheel.  There will be a sign-up sheet so that you will know your times to work.
  3.  There will be some days when I will demonstrate techniques or show slides.  I will also lecture on history and provide technical information, all of which will be on the final exam.
  4.  There will be several tests and a final exam.

Get ready to experience the joy of creating in clay!

Clay: Sculpture and Handbuilding for Clarke, Christie is currently under construction. Please come back later.